Online Coaching

Price: $150 a Month
($100 when you set up recurring payment)


Nutrition Coaching - Step by step instructions on how to get started. Continuous support over phone, text or email to answer any and all questions you may have. Also includes daily check ins to keep you on track, and so I can make changes to the plan when needed.

Workout Program- I make you a personalized progressive program, with clear instructions and easy to follow videos. I also provide you with a word document that you can track your workout on. If you bring your phone with you to workout you can track your weights and reps in between sets. After you finish you can save it to the Microsoft one drive cloud where I will be able to see your progress. This will keep you on track and always progressing. It will also let me know where you are at so that I can continue to progress your program seamlessly.

24/7 Access- Message me anytime for any help or questions you may have. This includes anything fitness related, nutrition coaching and form checks. If you're unsure about your form on something send me a video of the exercise and I will analyze it. If anything needs to be corrected, I will make a personal video for you and your problem, and how to fix it exactly.  I only keep 5 online client spots open to ensure prompt responses.


Note: If you're in Abilene, Texas I recommend you come to my boot camp/ strength camp. You get everything included in online training, and 12 group sessions a month for a cheaper price


How to Get Started

STEP 1:  Fill out an inquiry at the bottom of the page. Title it, online coaching and tell me about yourself and your goals in the message section. I will reply with a payable invoice to your email. OR if you want to set up a recurring payment, include your credit card number, cvv, and expiration at in the message section. This will save you $15 a month for your commitment, and you can cancel anytime. If you don't feel comfortable doing this through email, feel free to call me at 817-941-3490. If all my online spots are filled, I will put you on the waiting list and reply with your line number.

STEP 2: After payment is received, I will send you the necessary documents to get started. All you have to do is follow the instructions step by step and ask me any questions you don't quite understand.

STEP 3: Track your months workout on the word document I present you, and save it to the cloud. Once the month is up and the next months payment is received, I will progress your workout and return your new numbers and goals for the next month.

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