Victoria Murrow
online nutrition client

Arlington, Texas



"He knows what he's doing and it's easy to follow!"

This is my Aunt Vicki. My first online client who came to me at the age 49, in November 2015 weighing 190lbs and wanted to lose 50lbs before her 50th birthday which was in November 2016. She lost 52lbs in 8 months. She lost her first 30lbs through my nutrition program alone.

From the very beginning she was skeptical about the whole idea eating whatever she wanted and just controlling the amount to create a safe caloric deficit. She thought my methods only worked for young guys who workout all the time. But through percentages I can scale the perfect diet for you, using the same methods of a consistent but flexible diet. No matter age or lifestyle.

The Brew Crew
Jordan and Laci Brewer
Local Clients

Abilene, Texas

Jordan and Laci enjoy cheaper rates because they work out as a couple. Only $5 more per workout partner you would like to add

Jordan and Laci enjoy cheaper rates because they work out as a couple. Only $5 more per workout partner you would like to add

"One of the very few Personal Trainers I've ever felt comfortable around!! No shame, any questions, he'll be the one to answer them!!"- Jordan Brewer

"Absolutely the best! Very knowledgeable and personable. Doesn't matter the time of day or night if I have a question about food or fitness he is always there to respond and will explain it! So thankful that he came our way! So excited to meet my future self" - Laci Brewer

Shout out to the brew crew. Jordan and Laci Brewer have each lost almost 100lbs since February. They've lost around 30lbs each since starting working with me on October 1st. They're a joy to have and are like sponges. They soak up all the knowledge bombs. Keep up the hard work guys!

SSgt Lorenzo Powell, USAF
online client



This is one of my online clients Lorenzo Powell. This man here was one of the SrA that trained me when I first joined the military. I tried to work as hard as I could because the other guys would give you a lot of crap for bone head mistakes. But this guy was patient and kind, and tried to help you understand you actually learn from your mistakes.

He’s spent about 90% of his career deployed and to no surprise he’s deployed again. He’s always had job and country first. So when he came to me in July telling me he was deployed again and wanted to put on 10-15 lbs I got pumped to return the same patience he rendered me in his transition from trainer to trainee. They’re only eating MRE’s where he’s at, he had no scale, shoulder problems, and he’s had a lot of other good reasons and excuses to quit. But instead. He’s met his goal of putting on 15lbs in 16 weeks (2 months early) through consistently following my nutrition coaching and workout plans specifically personalized for him. 

Alex Houton
online client

Arlington, Texas


"You cannot ask Jordan a question in which he doesn't know the answer to. He has extensive studied knowledge about fitness, diet, weight training and more. If you are strict about getting into any kind of shape - THIS IS YOUR GUY. He is willing to work around a lot of client's needs and works for you. Best shape of my life thanks to him!"

The Jones Family
Local Clients

Abilene, Texas


The Jones Family has used just about every thing I've offered since I started personal training in Abilene. They've done it the right way the whole way.

We first built rapport at my Thursday night circuit class at Firehouse Fitness on s 7th street where Jennifer had a good workout, but wasn't sure if she could survive another week. Since then she has used my nutrition program to beat obesity all while continuing to go to all my classes including my Monday night circuit class at Firehouse Fitness in Wylie.

Her and Casey continue to go to my weekly classes, and bring their son Sean who is learning the proper movement patterns early. He's learned complex lifting techniques that are tough for anyone. Let alone a young teen who is still growing and hasn't quite figured out how to control their body. It'll save him from a lot of injuries in his future while teaching him a love for fitness.

Their daughter Jolie  is the best out of all of them. She brings me cookies, and is the nicest little girl you'll ever meet. She's not quite old enough for my classes yet but she will be soon. 

Casey and Jennifer have recently started also training with me in person. They've chosen the All-Inclusive 8 session package. Having them in class and in sessions twice a week has been a blessing. They're so thoughtful and kind and Casey even helped me get my old work truck running . Thanks guys!